Baja Adventure Runs

Vehicle Requirements

Hey there, off-roading adventurer! We want to make sure you have a blast on your trip, so here’s a friendly and exciting checklist to prepare your vehicle:

Vehicle Inspection and Equipment Checklist:

– Make sure your oil change service is complete or has at least 50% life remaining. Keep that engine running smoothly!

– Check your tires and make sure they have 50% or more tread remaining. Good tires mean good traction!

– Give your battery(s) some love and ensure they are in good working condition. Let’s keep that power going!

– Don’t forget the alternator! It’s essential for a smooth ride, so get it tested and working like a champ.

– Take a peek at your exhaust hangers to ensure there are no cracks or damage. We want everything in tip-top shape.

– Let’s not forget your paperwork! Attach your current vehicle registration and license plates to the vehicle, and you’re good to go.

Off-Road Truck Requirements:

– We’re all about being prepared! Carry a full-size spare tire on board. And guess what? Two spares are even better! You never know when you might need one.

– Communication is key! Get your hands on a 50-watt or greater VHF radio with channels programmed to weatherman. Safety first! Check out for reliable options.

– Shine bright like a star! Add some awesome auxiliary Off-Road lights for extra safety. And don’t forget rear chase lights for you and your fellow adventurers. Check out for top-notch lights.

– Let’s get tech-savvy! Equip your vehicle with an off-road GPS system like Lowrance or a Tablet with trail software like leadnav or back country navigator. We’ll provide you with the completed map for the trip, so no worries!
Check out,, or for great options.

– Keep the fuel flowing! Make sure you have 5 gallons of extra fuel on board. You never know where the adventure will take you.

– Pack your tools and gear! Basic hand tools, an off-road jack, and a lug nut key are essential companions for the journey.

– Safety first, always! Carry a trusty fire extinguisher, just in case. It’s better to be prepared for anything!

We can’t wait to hit the trails with you! So get your truck ready, pack your sense of adventure, and let’s have a thrilling off-roading experience together! Safe travels!

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